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A photo of Adam Coddington.

Adam works remotely for Cox Media Group from his livingroom in lovely Portland, OR, or a nearby coffeeshop, and spends his out-of-work time living with his boyfriend near Portland's Peninsula Park and enjoying the nearby Mississippi and Alberta Arts Districts. Somewhat regrettably, he also sometimes finds himself at The Florida Room.

Not enough information? I didn't think so either. Well, he is a collectivist introvert who is interested in leftist politics and economics, living a car-free lifestyle, never taking anything for granted, and although an unabashed technophile, he dreams of living an unplugged lifestyle in the middle of the wilderness by the time he reaches forty or so years old.

Where is this guy?

2 hours ago he was nearby the point below in the Humboldt neighborhood of Portland, OR:

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♪♫ Listening to Music For Programming – Episode 26 (Compiled by Abstraction) at this exact moment ♪♫

19 hours ago RT @rantyben: It's pretty telling that guys think that Barbie being a technical expert would also mean she has to be abusive and demeaning

19 hours ago @bshaurette I stopped reading at "drivers", but I'd probably agree with the rest, too.

19 hours ago RT @milkrock: The Outcome of Income Inequality — The Nib — Medium https://t.co/2STq9ZrO9U

19 hours ago RT @peeterskris: These sets all have the same mean, median and variance. Lesson: Always Visualise. #StrataHadoop @statistiekcbs http://t.co…

He tweets as @latestrevision on twitter,
and shares his code as @coddingtonbear on github.