Who is this?

A photo of Adam Coddington.

Adam works as a Python Engineer at Urban Airship and spends his out-of-work time living with his boyfriend near Portland's Peninsula Park. When not working or hanging out at home, he might be enjoying the nearby Mississippi and Alberta Arts Districts, or biking and camping somewhere in the forest.

Not enough information? I didn't think so either. Well, he is an interoverted collectivist who is interested in unideological leftist politics and economics, living a car-free lifestyle, never taking anything for granted, and although an unabashed technophile, he dreams of living an unplugged lifestyle in the middle of the wilderness by the time he reaches forty or so years old.

What is he up to?

♪♫ Listened to Stars – The Passenger 2¬†months, 3¬†weeks ago ♪♫

He also posts on Facebook sometimes, and
shares his code as @coddingtonbear on github.